Type Test
Each circuit breaker shall comply with the type test and shall be subjected to routine tests prescribed in latest edition of IEC-62271/IEC-60694/IS-13118.   
Reports of all type tests as stipulated in IEC-62271, IEC-60694 or IS-13118 and line charging current and cable charging current and transformer charging & shunt capacitor switching current tests etc. as given below carried out by internationally recognized test laboratories shall be furnished. Supply from those original equipment manufacturers shall be accepted who are having type test certification for following test in past 5 years and the type and design of the breakers then intend to supply are exactly similar. The type test reports shall be produced in support of sub vender / vender of supply of breaker in quantity more than 25 the supplier shall conduct all following test free of charges in presence of Employer’s representative.
In case some type tests are conducted at Manufacturer‘s own works, instead of at Govt. approved laboratory, the type test reports for same shall be accepted only if tenderer undertakes to conduct this type test free of charges in presence of Utility representative at time of inspection.
i)    Impulse withstand voltage test
ii)   Power frequency voltage withstand dry test on main circuit
iii)  Short circuit withstand capability test
iv)  Mechanical endurance test
v)  Temperature rise test
vi)  Radio interference voltage (RIV)
vii)  Measurement of the resistance of main circuit
viii) Short time withstand current and peak withstand current test
ix)  Out of phase making & breaking test
x)   Shunt reactor current switching test
xi)   Dielectric test
xii)  IP-55 test on operating mechanism
xiii) Seismic test
xiv) Cable charging current switching test
xv) Line charging current switching test
xvi) Capacitor current switching test for isolated neutral capacitor banks.
xviii)   Degree of protection test on cubicles

  Routine Tests
Routine tests as per IEC-60056 on the complete breaker/ pole along with its own operating mechanism and pole column shall be performed on all circuit breakers.
The following acceptance tests as stipulated in the relevant ISS-13118 shall be carried out by the Manufacturer in presence of employer representative, unless dispensed with in writing by the employer.

i) Power frequency voltage withstand dry test on main circuit
ii) Voltage withstand test on control and auxiliary circuits
iii) Measurement of resistance of the main circuit
iv) Mechanical operating test
v)  Design and visual test
vi) Tightness Test

In addition to above, speed curves for each breaker shall be obtained with the help of a suitable operation analyzer to determine the breaker contact movement during opening, closing, auto-re-closing and trip free operations under normal as well as limiting operating conditions (of control voltage) The tests shall show the speed of contacts directly at various stages of operation, travel of contacts, opening time, closing time, shortest time between separation and meeting of contacts at make-break operation and dynamic contact resistance measurement (DCRM) etc. Also, results obtained in type test analysis as stipulated in clause 8.1  shall be examined for acceptance before release of dispatch clearance for the lot.                           
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