Circuit breakers shall be single pressure type.

  •           Design and construction of the circuit breaker shall be such that there is minimum possibility of gas leakage and entry of moisture. There should not be any condensation of SF6 gas on insulated surfaces of the circuit breaker.

  •         In the interrupter assembly, there shall be absorbing product box to eliminate SF6 decomposition products and moisture. The details and operating experience with such filters shall be brought out in additional information schedule.

  •               Each pole shall form an enclosure filled with SF6 gas independent of two other poles. Common monitoring of SF6 gas can be provided for the three poles of circuit breaker having a common drive. The interconnecting pipes in this case shall be such that the SF6 gas from one pole could be removed for maintenance purposes.

  •              Material used in the construction of circuit breakers shall be such as fully compatible with SF6.

  •             The SF6 gas density monitor shall be adequately temperature compensated to model the density changes due to variations in ambient temperature within the body of circuit breaker as a whole. It shall be possible to dismantle the monitor without removal of gas.

  •          Sufficient SF6 gas shall be supplied to fill all the circuit breakers installed plus an additional 10% of the quantity as spare.

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